David Koonce

Jacksonville, NC

"Not only am I pleased with the competitive products =FSA= has to offer, but equally important is the fast courteous service I receive from the staff. This has kept me motivated to work on getting in front of more life clients."

- F.O. Finch

Oxford, NC

"I started writing life business with Dwight at F&G Life in 1983 and continued when =FSA= opened in 1994. I will never forget all the wonderful times I have had with Dwight and all of our "LIFE" friends. He is just a very special giving and caring person; that along with his knowledge and endless energy is what put him where he is today. I feel very certain that Paige will continue the legacy."

- Michael H. Ebmeier, CFP, CLU, ChFC

Houston, TX

"It has been my pleasure to work with Dwight Carter and Paige in a variety of ways over the last 27 years. Dwight has been at times a coworker, a customer and also a worthy competitor. My experience has left me with a great professional respect and personal admiration for Dwight and the people at =FSA=. Their knowledge and professionalism is unsurpassed in the area of insurance and retirement products.  They work hard.  They know their stuff, and their clients couldn’t be better represented. They have built a solid, effective organization capable of serving agents, clients and insurance carriers at a level of excellence of which anyone would be proud."

-Chris LeBlanc, CLU

Cordova, TN

"I am please to say that I have enjoyed a great relationship with =FSA= since Dwight Carter opened business in 1994. I have been associated with Dwight since 1986 when in typical Dwight Carter style, he "took me under his wing" by taking a real interest in helping me. Dwight had no financial interest, but rather a genuine desire to help. This genuine desire to help has continued for 22 years. Dwight is a true professional of the life insurance and annuity business. He and =FSA= are on the cutting edge of products and services and have the expertise to assist agents with consumer friendly products for their clients. I am glad for the long time association with Dwight and =FSA=, I am better for it and mostly pleased to call Dwight my friend."

- Lisa Barram

Philadelphia, PA

"I have worked with dozens of large and small organizations in the financial services industry and none of them compare to Dwight Carter, Paige Carter Blair and the team at FSA. They have integrity, knowledge and service which is hard to find today. 

 As a successful producer I need to be able to call up and find out what product fits the client profile I am dealing with at that moment and at FSA they not only know what is a good fit but they won't offer me something that's not. 

 They offer the knowledge that I need to help any client that walks in. As veteran's in the financial services space not only do they know what they are doing but often they helped build some of the products in our space."