Marie Moss

Life Specialist & New Business Case Manager


Marie joined FSA’s staff in 2001. Her years of sincere dedication have yielded a true master in the new business and underwriting processes. As FSA’s most experienced case manager, Marie handles a constant case load of hundreds of pending applications and she corresponds with dozens of agents each day.

Since her employment at FSA began, Marie has been oriented towards getting accurate results. She has excelled in her ability to coordinate even the most detailed requirements between home office and agent on cases of any type or size. Her willingness to meet any task, no matter how large or small has earned her a reputation of dependability and trustworthiness from both her agents and co-workers alike.

In addition to her mastery of new business case management, Marie also assists with on-going improvement of the internal data management system that FSA uses to process that new business. She advises on work flow & procedures that she believes will be most effective for our staff’s proficiency and she is diligent with making sure every detail related to our processing system is covered. Her prospective as a veteran case manager is vital to keeping our system working as efficiently as possible so that our agents get the best level of service possible.

Marie is a licensed L&H agent in the state of NC. She & her husband Jeremy reside in Garner, NC with their sons Kaleb and Ethan.

Phone: 800.834.7646 x16

Fax: 888.246.8628