Marijuana Usage as Seen By Our Carriers

Our carriers vary in their underwriting view of marijuana use, but they all have a few things in common: The usage must be disclosed on the application and/or a drug questionnaire and the stated usage must match the findings in the urinalysis test for THC levels. Non-disclosure will typically result in a decline and use for Medical purposes is not always advantageous over recreational use in underwriting. 


AIG - Standard Non-Tobacco if no more than twice per month and no other tobacco currently or in last 12 months.  Standard Tobacco if used more than 2X per month. Medical prescriptions verified in APS and would be rated for underlying condition rather than usage. Chronic pain = 4 or more tables.

Legal & General- Standard Tobacco if mild/recreational use (once per week or less) and no criminal history or substance abuse history and clean MVR. Regular use or medical prescription possible table 2, but rating based on underlying condition.

Minnesota Life- Possible Preferred Non-Tobacco if 24X per year or less. If more, Standard Tobacco or higher depending on frequency. Medical prescription is underwritten for underlying condition, typically 4 tables. 

North American- Possible Standard Tobacco to Decline depending on age, frequency of use and other drug use history.

Protective Life- Standard Non-Tobacco for non-inhaled medical use (best case). Standard Tobacco for inhaled medical use or for recreational use (regardless of delivery system). Medical cases underwritten on underlying condition and all factors regarding the circumstances of use are considered. 

Prudential- Ages 21 and older- Non-Smoker Plus for up to 3 uses per week. 4-6 uses per week = table B, 7 or more uses per week = Decline. Decline for use under 21. Medical use with a prescription underwritten for underlying cause.

Symetra- Standard Non-Tobacco if recreational use only with good MVR and no criminal or drug abuse history. Medical prescriptions considered on an individual nicotine use basis. 

Transamerica- Standard Smoker for recreational use- may be rated depending on frequency. Standard Non-Smoker available for Medical prescription (as long as no tobacco use in addition) but can vary based on method of administration and frequency.