Successful App-Taking Explained

Tips for your Client’s Insurance Exam

The **Most Important Part of your Exam** is to schedule it several

days in advance to allow yourself time to collect the needed

On the Day of your Exam:

Aside from bringing your Personal Medical Information Form with you on the day

of the exam:

1. Dress appropriately – Wear a short sleeve shirt, blouse, sweater, etc., or a

garment with long sleeves that can be rolled up. This is so your blood can be taken

for the blood tests.

2. Carry photo ID – This ensures the insurer that the person who shows up for the

life insurance medical exam is you.

3. Relax and remain calm – This advice pertains to the entire life insurance

medical exam, but is particularly important if an EKG is required. During an EKG,

you’ll be asked to lie on a table and leads will be placed on your chest to monitor

electrical impulses in your heart. Relaxing and remaining calm will help prevent

false readings due to muscle action



Other Tips:

1. Schedule a morning exam – When arranging for your appointment, try to

secure one as early in the day as possible – even if that day falls on the weekend.

Why? The early morning is when your body is least stressed.

2. Avoid food – Do not eat or drink after midnight. Another recommendation is to

avoid salty, cholesterol-loaded or high-fat foods for a day or two prior to your exam.

3. Drink water – Drink lots of water the day before your exam.

4. Sleep well – The night before your life insurance medical exam, it’s important

that you get the proper amount of sleep. Your body needs to be well-rested in order

to achieve the best possible results during your exam. Do not take any medication

to help you to sleep, however, as this will negatively affect your tests

5. Avoid strenuous exercise – The day before your exam, stay away from any

strenuous physical exercise. This may increase liver function tests and urine


6. No alcohol – Do not drink any alcoholic beverages for a full 24 hours before your


7. Steer clear of caffeine – Drinks like coffee, lattes and espressos, soda and tea

should not be consumed for several hours in advance of your exam. May influence

blood pressure and pulse and affect EKG results

8. No decongestants – Do not take any decongestants for a full day (24 hours)

prior to your health insurance exam.

9. If you are sick - Consider rescheduling the exam if you have an acute illness or

are not feeling well.

Medical Information Bureau Contact Information


If your client questions the accuracy of information in the MIB’s file on him or her, they may contact MIB and seek a correction in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The address of the MIB office is 50 Briantree Hill Park, Suite 400, Braintree, MA 02184-8734