When You Are Re-applying

1- Most carriers will accept paramedical examinations and lab results that were previously completed for another carrier, as long as they are less than 6 months old. ** FSA cannot attain these records or request the transfer of them to the new carrier if we did not order the original exam**It is the responsibility of the agent or client to attain these records. ***Please Note that exam services are usually not cooperative since there is typically a fee for their service.

2- Please provide us with all of the information contained in your file from the previous application including the old quote, app, questionnaires, medical records and offer from previous carrier, etc.

3- An written explanation of why the previous insurance was either not issued or not accepted will help expedite the new application process.

4- The Medical Information Bureau will have record of all life, health & disability income applications that have been submitted on your client, along with the outcome of each. Although the carrier will get this info from the MID, all prior applications and policies should be admitted on the new app as to show the underwriter that you are aware of this client’s full history.