Direct Mail & Seminar Service

Booking a Seminar is Fast and Easy!


Step 1 –  Location
Find your seminar location and confirm the dates.

o   We recommend finding a nice restaurant with a separate banquet space and serving lunch or dinner.

o   Having at least 2 options for dates is best, for example Tuesday and Thursday works well. Avoid Mondays and Fridays.

o   6:30 pm is the optimal time for the highest reservations, but if you are serving lunch 12:00 pm is preferred.


Step 2 –  Invitation
Here are SAMPLE invitations – pick any style you like & provide us with content to match your presentation:


Invite 1 – Fixed Index Annuity Invite 2 – Whole Life Invite 3 – Final Expense
sampl1 sample2 sample3
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View Envelope/Tickets
View Sample
View Envelope/Tickets
View Sample
View Envelope/Tickets

Step 3 –  Program Request Form
Fill out the Program Request Form  and email it to

o   Please include a head shot photo of yourself, along with a brief bio in the email. This information will be added to the invitation.


Step 4 – Approving the Invitation and Leads Report
Melissa will then email you an invitation proof to review and request any changes.

o   You will also receive a preliminary leads list report of available leads in your area, using the demographics listed on your PRF attachment. If you are providing your own leads, please email her the excel spreadsheet of the names and addresses.

o   Once the invitation and leads report are approved, an invoice will be sent to the responsible party.


Step 5 – Tracking Reservations
Melissa will activate your RSVP site and provide a private 800# for the attendees to call in. You will receive an email with your username and password, so that you may track your incoming reservations and outgoing confirmation calls. The live reservationists will be taking reservations 24-7 and they will make confirmation calls 1-3 days before the event.

o   Click on the link provided to view your RSVP’s and to enter in your username and password: login.asp

o   Booking your seminar is now complete. The Invitations will be mailed as scheduled and they will arrive in homes approximately 2-weeks before the event.


Step 6 – Give your Presentation and Get Clients!


Just .71 cents/per mailer!!

Includes design, printing, postage, prospecting/mail list, toll fee # and reservation tracking!!!

Call to see if you qualify for:

FSA’s Group Rate- .68 cents per mailer

FSA’s Affiliate Program- .50 cents per mailer

FSA’s Partner Program- We Cover All Expenses!