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1) Every 40 Seconds someone in the US has a stroke! Stroke is the third leading cause of death and the #1 cause of long term disability. Does the Term Insurance you sell cover BOTH outcomes if your client suffers a stroke? Ours does.

2) Every 30 seconds a new cancer is diagnosed and more than half of Americans diagnosed with cancer will survive for at least 5 years. Can your clients access benefits from the kind of life insurance you sell if they get cancer but aren’t expected to die?

3) Every 26 Seconds someone suffers a heart attack. For over 1 million people per year, the event is not fatal, but their recovery period is extensive. Have you protected your client from financial crisis if they cannot work during recovery from a heart attack?

4) Why sell your clients only term life insurance when you could provide them with chronic illness, critical illness and terminal illness coverage at no additional costs? This product is underwritten for life insurance only; not LTC or DI.

  • up to 100% of death benefit in the case of a terminal illness
  • 90% of death benefit in the case of a critical illness
  • up to 90% (up to 2% per month) of death benefit in the case if chronic illness

You will get trained on the complete marketing system including a client presentation that will help you make this sell. You will also have on-going education & support from our staff.

  • Non- Med up to age 50
  • Advanced commissions on daily EFT The NEW Term is Living Benefits Term!!